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CISV Ordering Address

Lodestar Systems, Inc.
VID # 1742999659200
77 Sugar Creek Center Blvd, Ste 190, Sugar Land, TX 77478

This is a true and accurate copy of the catalogue approved with the Texas Building and Procurement Commission. Effective Date of catalogue:


Vendor Contact Information
Contact Person: Murali Santhanam
Phone #: 281-565-7811
Fax #: 866-532-6120
Email address: murali@lodestarsys.com

Products / Services Information
18-29 Computer - Software Consulting Services
918-46 Feasibility Studies (Consulting)
920-24 Data Conversion Services
920-40 Programming Services, Computer
920-45 Software Maintenance/Support

Catalogue Information

NOTE to State Agencies:
If this Catalog Information Systems Vendor provides consulting services and if the value of the consulting contract is reasonably foreseen to exceed $15,000.00, please refer to the Texas Government Code, Subtitle F, Chapter 2254.

NOTES to all Eligible Purchasers:
Only Automated Information System (AIS) products and services may be purchased from this catalogue. Products not eligible for the catalogue purchase procedure must be edited out by the vendor.

Any telecommunication services that may be included within this catalogue shall only be procured by the Texas Building and Procurement Commission.

Disregard any statement in this catalogue that states that prices and availability may change without notice. This catalogue is required to be kept current by the vendor.

Disregard any "proprietary, confidential, copyright (C), all rights reserved" statements in this catalogue. Eligible purchasers are allowed to make copies of this catalogue.

For services and products offered in this catalogue that have only one price, the price shown may be considered both the list price and state price.

Any terms and conditions in this catalogue that conflict with the Constitution or laws of the state of Texas shall not be enforceable and, therefore, will not be binding.

All AIS products and services offered in this catalogue conform and comply with all applicable standards adopted by the DIR; and all products conform to all state and federal requirements such as ANSI, FCC, NEMA, OSHA and UL standards.

Vendor Affirmation:
By signing the Texas Building and Procurement Commission CISV Catalogue Purchasing Program application and submitting this catalogue through the program, the vendor has reviewed TAC 113.19, and agrees to comply with the rules as stated for the CISV program. The vendor will also: not give, offer to give, or intend to give at any time hereafter any economic opportunity, future employment, gift, loan, gratuity, special discount, trip, favor, or service to a public servant in connection with catalogue purchase transactions; not currently be delinquent in the payment of any franchise tax owed the State of Texas under Tax Code, Chapter 171(go to "Certification of Franchise Tax Account Status " for verification); update their catalogue as needed to reflect changes in price and the availability of products or services offered.

Maintenance, Repair, Support Plan
Lodestar Systems, Inc. is an Information Technology (IT) Services provider, and has no "products" per se to maintain or repair.

For IT projects requiring bidding such as custom application development, infrastructure and business consulting, Lodestar Systems will use the terms and conditions provided by the client's contract.

Customer Support Plan
The initial contact person is Murali Santhanam, phone number 281-565-7811. Our hours of operation are 8:30a.m. to 5:30p.m., Monday to Friday (except weekends and holidays). Upon receipt of a contact by a customer, Mr. Santhanam will contact the appropriate Lodestar Systems' technical resource who will begin problem resolution within 24 hours of the initial call.

Lodestar Systems warrants that all IT services it provides will be of professional quality and will conform to generally acceptable IT standards and procedures.

Describe your escalation procedures for addressing problems, i.e. performance issues.

The first step in addressing a problem would be to talk with the hiring manager and the consultant to determine the nature of the problem. The second step would be to identify if it is a motivation problem or an ability problem. If it is an ability problem, the next step would be to release the consultant and immediately provide a qualified replacement. If it is a motivation problem, the next step would be to discuss the nature of the problem with the Hiring Manager to determine whether or not he/she would like to set guidelines for improvement or release the consultant, in which case Lodestar Systems would immediately find a replacement.

What type of status reporting do you provide your customers? Please provide examples.


It is our normal procedure to follow up with the consultant's manager to check on the performance of the consultant approximately every two to three weeks, depending on the length of the engagement and on the wishes of the specific project manager. Lodestar Systems maintains contact with all of our consultants minimally on a semi-monthly basis. This includes a structured set of questions that are discussed at various intervals during the engagement:

After the first week of the engagement, we follow up with the consultant per our Project Start-up Report. The purpose of this process is to ensure that SIS, the consultant, and the client are in sync from the start and to make adjustment, if necessary.

During the life of the engagement, on a semi-monthly basis, we follow up with the consultant via the Project Status. Through the procedure we are able to monitor, as well as measure, the quality of service we are providing to the client and to the consultant on a semi-monthly basis.

Service Description Class - Item Corporate Hrly Rate State Hrly Rate
Technology Leader / Specialist 918-29,46 $175 $150
Sr. Database Architect / Administrator 918-29 $125 $110
Security Specialist 920-24,40,45 $150 $125
Software Programmer 920-24,40,45 $90 $75
Programmer Analyst 920-20,40,45 $95 $85
Business Intelligence
ERP Solutions
Client Server
Public Sector
Insurance & Finance
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