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In the recent past, there was an elite group of corporations called MNCs (Multi National Corporations). But today, the term may not have the same significance because almost all corporations are compelled to have a globally distributed structure to facilitate 24x7 operations.Necessity dictates that the data which the company?s operations in the eastern hemisphere uses or creates be available to the corporate team in the western hemisphere.

Client/server software architecture seems to provide the right solution for this need. It is a versatile, message-based and modular infrastructure that is intended to improve usability, flexibility, interoperability, and scalability as compared to centralized, mainframe, time sharing computing.It does not suffer from the drawbacks that mainframe software architecture possesses. Client/server easily supports graphical user interfaces or enables access to multiple databases from geographically dispersed sites.

It takes qualified and experienced analysts to study the business environment, computational needs, and data demands to identify the models that would work admirably.

The models have their own salient features and peculiarities. One model which works ideally in a given business setting need not necessarily prove optimal in another.It takes qualified and experienced analysts to identify the model that would work admirably.

Lodestar Systems has an excellent track record in crafting client server solutions which answer the differing needs. We have expertise and experience in working with a host of technologies spanning legacy, client/server and ERP systems.

We will be more than happy to showcase any of our past projects to prove our credentials. We are only a telephone call away to set-up a time convenient to you to discuss how we can help you achieve your overall objectives in a cost and time effective manner.

The client and the server can be interchanged. The dividing line between the client and a server can be anywhere along a broad continuum: at one end only the user interface has been moved onto the client; at the other, almost all applications have been moved onto the client and the database may be distributed.

There are at least five points along the continuum:
Distributed presentation - the presentation is handled partly by the server and partly by the client.
Remote presentation - the presentation is controlled and handled entirely by the client.
Distributed logic - the application logic is handled partly by the server and partly by the client.
Remote data management - database management is controlled and handled entirely by the server.
Distributed database - database management is handled partly by the server and partly by the client.
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